• Songs from the Soul
    An essay by Emily Socolov, PhD
  • Works in Progress
    Introducing Fatu Gayflor, Artistic Director, Liberian Women’s Chorus for Change
  • Works in Progress
    Who is the Liberian Women’s Chorus for Change?
  • Works in Progress
    Thupten Chonyi and the Philadelphia Tibetan Community

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La Ofrenda

An altar installation by César Viveros with inspiration and input from members of South Philadelphia's Mexican community

Songs from the Soul

Soul Songs: Inspiring Women of Klezmer[1], under the artistic direction of Susan Watts, was a 2018 Philadelphia Folklore Project initiative designed to bring together eleven extraordinary female klezmer instrumentalists from across North America and across generations for a concert and community master class.  Watts states: “I wanted to focus on women because women don’t get the same kind of applause that men get from the institution of music. I wanted to feature these amazing women that I know, women who are writing music, who are doing amazing things behind men. Men are the frontline and they [the women] are kind of schlepping behind. But they’re like this huge force.”

Shouting From the Rooftop

Susan Watts:

When I hear klezmer music, I become filled up with joy and wonder, filled to overflowing.

Klezmer is Eastern European Jewish folk music. It is music that Jewish people in Eastern Europe, before the Second World War, lived by. They danced to it; they celebrated to it; they cried to it; they had brisses[2] to it. They lived it. It lived within them. And that’s what klezmer music is.

Of course my personality infuses my playing. But I can’t really say how.

BlackStar Film Festival

Often magic is lost when we learn its secrets. Magic, we come to realize, manipulates our senses to appear as if it’s defying the laws of physics. But when we discover this manipulation, we are likely to become cynics—magic loses its luster.

Integrating Community Knowledge in Schools

Exemplary folk arts education practices from the Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School were featured in a dynamic session of linked papers presented at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education Ethnography in Education Research Forum on February 27, 2016.