Programs Overview

The Philadelphia Folklore Project works to sustain cultural and artistic practices rooted in the histories, traditions, and everyday lives of people in the Philadelphia area. All of our public programs aim to increase respect for, understanding of, and access to local grassroots arts and humanities. We carry out our mission by organizing public events, performances, school residencies, workshops, exhibitions, and other educational efforts.

Events: Attend an event and learn about important vernacular traditions that offer resources for making social change in our region.

In the Field: Travel around Philadelphia with PFP to learn about how folk arts are at work strengthening our communities.

In Our Gallery: Our galleries showcase local folk and traditional arts - vernacular and alternative expression. The PFP gallery is free and open to the public.

In the Schools: Through work in folk arts education at the Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures charter school (FACTS) we develop students’ imaginations and skills through traditional arts practice. We do this so that students might envision, believe in and grow from alternative ways of learning and understanding themselves and their place in their communities and the larger world, including their right and ability to make a constructive difference.

Works in Progress
Magazine of the Philadelphia Folklore Project. Published since 1987, 1-2x/year.