Leadership Transition at the Folklore Project

February 26, 2019

Dear Friends,

For nine years, it’s been my privilege to be a part of the Philadelphia Folklore Project community– first as a Program Associate, then Associate Director, and for the last five years, as the Executive Director. Now, it’s time to pass the torch to the next leader. We will begin our Executive search immediately and, as of June 2019, I will step down as the Director of this wonderful organization.

The Folklore Project’s incredible staff and board will work with the next Executive Director to imagine new heights for our critical mission of supporting folk and traditional arts in the service of social change. I am excited to see where we go next. I say we, because even after I have stepped down as staff, I will always feel deeply connected to the Folklore Project’s mission and vision.

Thank you so much for your support, energy, and shared passion for the Philadelphia Folklore Project. Stay connected to our work by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Philafolklore, and support us by making a donation at any time at www.folkloreproject.org.

With gratitude,


P.S. Here is a link to the job announcement and description. Help us identify the next Executive Director of the Philadelphia Folklore Project by passing this link along to your networks! Thank you. http://www.folkloreproject.org/join-our-team


Dear Philadelphia Folklore Community,

As you see from Selina’s own announcement, she is planning to transition to new challenges in June and PFP will be seeking its next Executive Director. Please join with us as we celebrate her tenure and assist us in the search for our next leader.

As its Director, Selina Morales has served this organization masterfully and expanded the impact of the Philadelphia Folklore Project. Her work has built stronger initiatives supporting artists’ visions for community-based work grounded in social justice. The Board of Directors is extremely grateful for Selina’s vision, commitment, and tireless energy in helping bring such important work to fruition.  We can assure you that she will remain a valuable member of our informal community advisory team. We will be honoring Selina at an event later in the year and hope you will attend.

A search for the next ED has been launched and we will be keeping you informed of progress as we move forward. We hope that you will reach out to us with any ideas or concerns you may have regarding PFP’s next steps. We are moving forward with confidence given our strong staff and the importance of the work that we all value.


With gratitude for your interest in and support of PFP,

The Board of Directors

pfp at folkloreproject.org