Philly Folk Overview

Philly Folk takes a deep dive into Philadelphia Folklore Project’s history, fundamental community and creative partnerships, archival collections, flagship initiatives, and grassroots cultural life from the streets of Philadelphia. As the official podcast channel of the Philadelphia Folklore Project, Philly Folk is part of our folklife strategy to harness traditional knowledge present in the Philadelphia-area as a tool for social change. Each curated series explores something new – from specific projects to broader topics – all adding to our appreciation and understanding of the social power of folklore. 

Check out our limited series’ Folk Aid & La Ofrenda on 9th Street or listen via Spotify.

Philly Folk is produced in partnership with Los Herederos and with the following creative and technical support:

Lamont Jack Pearley - Podcast Consultant

Susannah Broun - Podcast Intern

Nadav Remez - Composer, Philly Folk Theme Song