Jose Ortiz-Pagan - Project Manager and Artist

José Ortiz-Pagán is a visual artist and cultural administrator that has been working in the development of several community based art projects and visual art practices that focuses on conversations around the inclusion of local communities and how to negotiate a diverse notion of cultural manifestations. For the last couple of years, José has been active working with several institutions in the creation of safe places for people to develop their own cultural practices. An example of this has been the development of the annual Día de los Muertos celebration in collaboration with the Calaca Flaca Committee at the Fleisher Art Memorial and several other locations around Southeast Philadelphia. As well Ortiz-Pagán has been a key developer of the PEW Center for the Arts funded initiative Bring Your Own Project (BYOP)

His visual art projects focuses on how post-industrial & post-colonial communities have been affected the way we approach and trade time. There is a common thread within higher economical systems and displacement. Migration being one of the most important phenomena inherent to this correlation. Another part of his process contemplates spiritual practices as a cultural gateway to develop community strength and self-agency.  José Ortiz-Pagán has received awards and developed projects with several organizations including; Second State Press, Taller Puertorriqueño, Chemical Heritage Museum and the Art Anthropology Museum at the University of Puerto Rico. His work has been featured in several in several exhibitions including; The 2015 Trienal Poligráfica in San Juan, PR, the international printmaking biennial in Taiwan ROC, featured in 2014, Northeast Issue #110 of the publication, New American Paintings to mention a few.