Ivonne García Pinto - Community Advisor

Ivonne García Pinto was born in 1981 in the town of San Martin Texmelucan , Puebla, Mexico. In 2005 Ivonne migrated to Philadelhia in, making the city her second home. Right after arriving she got herself involved in the local cultural scene by assisting many other artists. As a grassroots organizer, Pinto has been a great advocate and supporter for institutions like Puentes de Salud.

For this reason Ivonne, has been working as a volunteer with Puentes for nine years. She is the invisible glue in many of our community programs — an unceasing source of positivity, energy, enthusiasm, connection, and commitment. 

Ivonne is also a gifted community organizer, and has been critical in building strong community support networks across the Mexican community, and facilitating community members’ access to quality healthcare, education, expression, and wellness opportunities. Ivonne’s warmth is infectious,  she fosters that critical sense of inclusion, welcome, and safety in everything and everyone she touches.

Ivonne is also a skilled and visionary artist. She has served for two years on Fleisher Art Memorial’s Día de los Muertos Calaca Flaca committee, where she participates in visioning and realizing community-based designs for the month-long celebration. She will help lead a weekly community art workshop this October to prepare materials for the altar installation and is assistant artist to the lead artist for this year’s Día de los Muertos altar project. As part of this process Ivonne is has been critical in the inclusion of the Southwark School in this process.

Ivonne’s spirit, boundless openness and energy, and fierce commitment to her community inspires each of us on a daily basis.