Rachel Lemisch

Rachel Lemisch is a classically trained trombonist, with an affinity for the music of Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Balkans and Middle East. As a classical musician Rachel played with the Delaware Symphony, Jerusalem International Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Philharmonic, the New Hampshire Symphony, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and as a finalist for the New World Symphony in Miami, Florida.

In 1999, she attended the KlezKanada, Summer Institute for Jewish music, one of North America’s leading programs for the study and performance of Eastern European Jewish music, held each August in Lantier, Quebec. After several years of attending KlezKanada as a student, Rachel joined the faculty in 2003. As a member of the Klezmer-Jazz-Turkish group Shtreiml, Rachel has performed internationally, most notably in the Krakow Festival of Jewish Music and Culture in Krakow Poland, the Klezmore Festival in Vienna, Austria, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto, Canada. Shtreiml, features the original compositions and harmonica playing of, husband, Jason Rosenblatt. 

Rachel also plays in the high energy, Gypsy Balkan, Montreal brass band, Orkestra Severni, also featured at the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Montreal Yiddish Theatre Festival, the Montreal Jewish Music Festival, and the Festival des traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke. 

She is a long standing member the Fabulous Schpielkes, featuring the Jewish Ella Fitzgerald and queen of the Klezmer Trumpet, Susan Watts-Lankin and the brilliant drummer and percussionist Elaine Hoffman-Watts of blessed memory. Rachel’s film credits include Mona Lisa Smile, 2003, as a member of the all-women’s big band featured in the Spring Fling scene.