Marilyn Lerner

Genre defying pianist/improviser Marilyn Lerner performs to acclaim internationally, from her native Montreal to Havana, from Jerusalem to Amsterdam and the Ukraine.  Her groundbreaking recordings have garnered much recognition, including her 2 solo recordings Luminance and Romanian Fantasy and Special Angel with Sonny Greenwich.  Her intimate knowledge of the piano, combined with a fearless experimental and passionate spirit render her a true original. Lerner’s work spans the worlds of jazz, creative improvisation, Klezmer, and 20th century classical music.In  2016,  Lerner/Filiano/Grassi- Live at Edgefest, was  released on vinyl by NoBusiness Records, and in 2017 her trio, Ugly Beauties (Matt Brubeck and Nick Fraser) released their second CD, Strange Attractors.

Avant garde accompaniment to silent film. Yellow Ticket. Projects with Yoshie Fruchter, Nicole Rampersaud, Reg Schwager, Brodie West.