K-8 Sand Mandala Curriculum

Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School and the Philadelphia Folklore Project have created an award-winning integrated curriculum entitled "A Teachers’ Guide to a Whole-School Folk Arts Residency: Tibetan Sand Mandala Artist Losang Samten." On this webpage you can access the completed Teachers' Guide, the accompanying min-units and additional resources. To access these documents, click on the blue links below. 

  • Teachers' guide:  In this document we share our experiences about an approach to education that we believe matters, our thinking about a set of concepts that shape our practice, and our deep appreciation for the knowledge and experiences that artist, Losang Samten, generously shares with the children at our school. This is a folk arts education curriculum for an artist residency. We present here the curricular framework, its scope and sequence, and summaries of all the learning activities. 

  • Mini-units: This document contains nine sample grade-specific mini-unit plans along with the corresponding lesson plans that make up the curriculum. It has been developed for use with the teachers’ guide. There is one sample unit per each grade: K through 8. The mini-unit plans outline the enduring understandings, essential questions, knowledge, skills, and performance assessment that can be used. 

Additional resources connected to mini-units: