Katherine Antarikso - 1st Session Community Project Assistant

Katherine Antarikso is an architect, dancer, and poet. She was born in the megacity of Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to a small college town in central Pennsylvania at the age of 10. Beginning at age 5 in Indonesia, she started learning traditional Balinese and Javanese dances with a private teacher. She moved to Philadelphia after college in 2002, and in 2011, she became one of the original members of Modero. She has performed with Modero at community events and has received a grant as an apprentice with dance artist Sinta Penyami Storms. She joined the Philadelphia Folkore’s Project Gamelan Workshop because she has fond memories of dancing with the gamelan as a child, and believes that dance is best performed with live music. She is excited to help bring the experience of community art-making and performance to the Indonesian diaspora in Philadelphia.  

She is a member of Rise & Thrive Art Collective poets group and explores themes of migration, home, and displacement in her poetry. As a poet, she has been published in Apiary Magazine and collaborated with the Free Speech Monument Lab exhibit, and has read her poems at events and protests such as the Sanctuary Poets Reading, PhillyCam, National Organization for Women Annual banquet, and “Home is Here: March for DACA and TPS.

In her spare time, you can find her taking walks around Philadelphia and sketching her favorite row homes.