Dance Happens Here

Dance Happens Here

September 21, 2007. Philadelphia, PA - The Philadelphia Folklore Project presents tap dancers Germaine Ingram and Ensemble, and Flamenco del Encuentro: two percussive dance ensembles. Two premieres will be performed in a dance concert on Saturday, December 8th at the Painted Bride Art Centerin Philadelphia (8:00 PM: $20). As well, dance classes ($5) for all levels of dancers are scheduled for earlier the same day, in tap dance with Germaine Ingram (10:30-11:45 AM), and in flamenco with members of Flamenco del Encuentro, and special guest artist from Spain, Antonio Hidalgo (12:00 - 1:15 PM).

With this program, the Folklore Project celebrates the artistry of local percussive dancers from two companies: artists who consistently challenge the notion of tradition as static, pushing percussive dance in fabulous directions. Expect exciting play between set choreography and improvisation in an evening of great local dance from Flamenco del Encuentro and tap artists Germaine Ingram and Ensemble. Both ensembles explore the relationship between dance and live accompaniment. Ingram and Ensemble will premiere a work danced to a composition by jazz great Tyrone Brown. Flamenco del Encuentro will showcase new work by renowned choreographer Inmaculada Ortega and will feature guest dancer Antonio Hidalgo from Spain. Post show Q and A.

This is the 6th edition of the Folklore Project's Dance Happens Here, a long-running artist development initiative supporting local and culturally diverse artists working in folk and traditional arts. The program honors the exemplary commitment of significant artists to traditional canons, as well as to improvisational possibilities. These artists push the envelope, pursuing artistic growth respectful of their cultural and community lineages.

Germaine Ingram will debut a collaboration of jazz tap dance, original music and text.

She and three of Philadelphia's most accomplished hoofers (Ali Bradley, Rochelle Haynes and Corrine Karon) will partner with award-winning bassist/composer Tyrone W. Brown and his 8-piece ensemble to perform a new work inspired by the novel, !Click Song, by John A. Williams, a book in which Williams explores the life of a black American artist. This jazz/tap collaboration honors Williams' important contributions to the body of American literature and African American writing. Readings

from Williams' book will be woven through the music and dance. Ingram has been a tap artist, performing nationally and internationally, for more than twenty years - for much of that time with her mentor and dance partner, renowned tap artist LaVaughn Robinson. Her choreography has been performed by national tap repertory companies in venues throughout the U.S. Ingram was the recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship in 2004 and of an Independence Foundation Fellowship this past year.

Flamenco del Encuentro, formed and led by Anna Rubio (dance) and Tito Rubio (Pew Fellowship in the Arts awardee for flamenco guitar), will also premiere work following residencies with noted choreographer Inmaculada Ortega, and dancer/production designer Antonio Hidalgo, each of whom will be visiting Philadelphia from Spain specifically for this undertaking. Ortega will set a new piece - one reflecting her signature Jerez style with stunning arm and upper body movements - on the ensemble. A talented singer as well as dancer and choreographer, she will develop vocal accompaniment along with Flamenco del Encuentro's singer, Antonia Arias. Hidalgo will be a featured dancer in the show, and share in the teaching of the master class.

Dance classes on Saturday, December 8th will engage members of the public as learners with experienced, inspiring teachers right on the stage of the Painted Bride Art Center. Reservations are required, as space is limited: 215.726.1106. ($5 for each class)

Dance Happens Here is an artist development initiative organized by the Philadelphia Folklore Project (PFP), a 20-year old public interest folklife agency committed to sustaining local community-based arts. The Philadelphia Folklore Project affirms the human right to cultural expression, and works to protect the rights of people to know and practice traditional and community-based arts. The PFP offers public education in the folk arts, develops community projects and documentary resources, and organizes around issues of concern in the field of folk and traditional arts.

Dance Happens Here is funded by grants from Dance Advance, a program of The Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage, funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and administered by the University of the Arts, and by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and PFP members.

Philadelphia Folklore Project presents Germaine Ingram and Ensemble and Flamenco del Encuentro. Saturday, December 8th, in performance at 8:00 PM, at Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia.Tickets $20. ($15 PFP members; $10 Bride members; $8 seniors and children.) Dance classes, also at the Painted Bride10:30-11:45, jazz tap dance; 12:00-1:15, flamenco. For tickets for the performances, visit the Painted Bride website at, or call their box office at 215-925-9914. For more information and reservations for the dance classes, call the Philadelphia Folklore Project at 215-726-1106.

Photographs by James Wasserman. Larger images and additional information (including expanded artist bios) available for press: please contact Toni Shapiro-Phim: 215-726-1106;