PCA - Apprenticeships Grant

PCA - Apprenticeships Grant

April 20, 2020

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) Apprenticeships are grants that support the learning of folk and traditional arts. Each grant award provides funding over a one-year period for a partnership between a master artist and a qualified apprentice. In-depth learning should encompass a firm grounding in the cultural context as well as the acquisition of technique and artistry. Apprenticeships are offered annually in both performing and craft traditions. The program makes awards of up to $4,000. Apprenticeships may receive a maximum of four grant awards.

Application link: https://bit.ly/2w53Die

The master artist and the apprentice must apply together, with the master artist being the applicant (if the master artist is a Pennsylvania resident).

For questions about completing your application, contact Dana Payne at danpayne@pa.gov or by phone at (717) 525-5544