Liwetan-In-A-Box: a one-of-a-kind, delicious cultural experience!

Liwetan-In-A-Box: a one-of-a-kind, delicious cultural experience!

July 31, 2020 to August 03, 2020
Delivered to your door!

It's Round Two folks! The Philadelphia Folklore Project's Liwetan-In-A-Box is heading back to your door. Due to high demand, we are including delivery to NYC/North New Jersey, and the Washington, D.C. metro area. Your order must be placed by Saturday, July 24. 

We invite community members to support Philadelphia's unique folk cultural life, immigrant communities, and informal economies through a one-of-a-kind, delicious cultural experience that can be enjoyed safely from home.

Liwetan-In-A-Box is a takeout version of the Folklore Project’s iconic Liwetan Feast dinners. Each boxed dinner serves 2-3 people and includes contactless delivery. Chicken & Fish or Vegetarian options are available, and each box comes in a PFP custom reusable shopping bag with reheating instructions and a fun menu magnet.

All proceeds will support PFP’s work, harnessing traditional arts and community-based knowledge in service of social change, as well as Indonesian community vendors who regularly partner with the organization and are suffering a loss of income due to COVID-19.


About The Liwetan Feast

Liwetan is a tradition from East Java, Indonesia, which serves to mark special rituals and rites of passage. Typically, friends and families gather to enjoy a selection of dishses served on banana leaves, which enhances the aroma and aesthetic of the food. The public is invited to experience this communal feast from home while learning more about Indonesian traditions through food that will be provided by local caterer, Pecel Ndeso.

About Pecel Ndeso
Pecel Ndeso is a licensed Indonesian catering company in South Philadelphia. Owned by Irza and Aditya, their services & cooking are sought after by Indonesian communities up and down the East Coast. Visit their page:

Proceeds from the Philadelphia Folklore Project's Liwetan-In-A-Box will go towards advancing our mission to sustain vital and diverse living cultural heritage in communities in our region through collaborative projects, research, documentation, and education, prioritizing folk and traditional arts in service of social change.

Liwetan-In-A-Box is made possible thanks to our steadfast and unwavering community partnerships and is powered by PECO.