Sam Calhoun, Intern

Contact: sam [at]

Recent graduate of Albion College’s Departments of English and History, Sam

Calhoun works as an intern for PFP. He works to assist in the day-to-day clerical and archival functions as well as its community programs. Sam has experience in audio and video editing, gained through years of filming and editing videos with friends through school and personal

Projects. With an educational background in archival maintenance and research, as well as in writing, music, and other performance arts, Sam strongly believes in the importance of PFPs mission for cultural preservation and promotion, having first been drawn to it through his belief in attaining personal growth through experience and education. 

Sam grew up in Michigan and has spent the majority of his life in small towns, which influenced his decision to work in the city of Philadelphia, hoping that it would provide him an opportunity to expand his worldview and experience. Sam has been an avid writer, publishing comedic plays through MSUs Annual Young Playwrite’s Competition as well as scholarly articles through his fraternity magazine, TEKE, on the history of his chapter. While working for PFP, Sam plans to continue his writing, both personally and professionally.