Sinta Penyami Storms

Sinta Penyami Storms


Sinta Penyami Storms is a traditional Indonesian dance artist who is also known as a strategic, visionary, and community-based leader who utilizes dance, fashion, cuisine, and other aspects of Indonesian cultural tradition to support dialogue and education about critical issues impacting the Indonesian diaspora in Philadelphia, including immigration, cross-racial solidarity, public health, intergenerational relationships, and governance. 

Beginning her dance training at age five, she continued studying dance throughout elementary school. Tari Bondan (a Javanese dance) was the 1st dance she learned. In Jakarta she began studying Pamonian dance under Rein Puragombo, who was a protege of the renowned choreographer Bagong Kusudiarjo of Yogyakarta. Rein Puragombo created a new style (kreasi baru) of Pamonian dances, based on traditional practices. With him, Sinta learned dances such as Pepoinaya, Mopea ri Lobo, and Motaro. At age 10, she began performing at various venues including the Indonesia Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah).

Through her work to preserve the traditional Indonesian culture, Sinta founded Modero & Company who provides a safe space for the Indonesian community members in greater Philadelphia to freely expressing themselves despite their background, social or immigrant status & religious differences. Sinta has performed with Modero in many prestigious events locally and internationally including Walt Disney World in Florida and the Republic of Panama.Additional resources:

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