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Grantwriting Tips and Information

There is no magic answer, or single way to approach writing a grant application. You need to start by knowing yourself (or your organization) and by understanding a particular funder's priorities. Then, your task is to write a clear and compelling request - in your own voice - something that is well thought through, and that has clear significance. If you get stuck, some of the following sites (including some University sites set up to help their own staff and students) may be helpful. Here are links to hundreds of tools, including guides to funders, grants lists, how-to resources, writing tips, training, advice, many, many other links and much more. While many of the materials are not arts-based, and will need to be adapted, they provide useful basic tips. Lists and links for funding and grant-writing help follow:

  • Resist (Funder with resources for activists, including info on finding funding for social change, a basic guide for grant-writing, info on other technical assistance, and on media funding resources)
  • Fund for Women Artists (funding links)
  • University of Minnesota (includes a link to grant-writing resources, with searchable databases, guides to proposal writing and development, budgets and more), Start here and follow links.
  • University of Wisconsin Grants Information Collection (with links to resources for non-profit organizations, help in starting a 501 c 3, proposal writing and more)
  • University of Pittsburgh (proposal writing tips and links)

How-to guides: Numerous sites offer step-by-step “lessons” in grant writing. Here are some: