Goodnight Mishegas (lyrics)

December 11, 2011
PFP presents: Klezmer concert featuring Elaine Hoffman Watts and Susan Lankin Watts

At Crossroads Music/Calvary Church
801 S. 48th Street
Call PFP for tickets(215.726.106) or purchase online at
$20 general admission / $15 PFP members / $5 children under 12
Holiday Gift Idea: DVDs of the new documentary about Elaine, Eatala: A Life in Klezmer, will be available for purchase at the show.

Sing along with us! Lyrics below. Hear the music on a clip at our YouTube channel.
More music from a PFP concert with Elaine Hoffman Watts, Susan Lankin Watts and friends right here.

Goodnight Mishegas

Lyrics: Susan Watts

A gute nakht, gute nakht, gute nakht mayn mishegas
Shlof (1) mayn tsores (2) shlof mayn troyerik (3) harts
Shlof gezunterheyt, (4) sha (5) still gezunterheyt
Shlof mein tsoris mayn troyerik harts.

Good night, good night, my sad song memories
Rest my thoughts, my tearing cried out eyes
Rest gezunterheyt, sha still gezunterheyt
Shlof mayn tsuris mein troyerik harts.

Ya bai bai bai, a new song has begun
L'chaim (6) to my blessings
Yasher koach (7) everyone!
Over and again, once more each day begins anew
Good night for now, dream sweet for now
Ai lu lu lu. . . .

- - - -
Translations of the Yiddish:
(1) sleep
(2) worried, troubled
(3) sad
(4) in good health
(5) quiet, hush
(6) to life! Health!
(7) have strength, more power to