Program Archives: Fall 2002 - Summer 2003

Through September 20, 2002: ODUNDE: 20 years on South Street. Photographs by Thomas B. Morton is one of PFP's traveling exhibitions, available for rental. See it this fall at the Philadelphia International Airport.

September 12, 2002: Klezmer/Women's Music Project. Elaine Hoffman Watts and Susan Watts-- two generations of Philadelphia klezmorim, traditional Jewish musicians, carry on the distinctive musical traditions that Elaine's grandfather and uncles brought here from Eastern Europe. This mother and daughter duo, in addition to being amazing performers, are riotously funny. They performed as part of the Fringe Festival, and as a part of PFP's Women's Music Project, on September 12th, the Hub, 2nd and Race Streets, 8 PM for FREE.

September 23 & 28, 2002: Chinatown video documentary to be broadcast. "'Look forward and carry on the past': stories from Philadelphia's Chinatown" is PFP's new documentary video, broadcast this fall (September 23rd at 9 PM and September 28th at 10 PM on WYBE-TV, Channel 35 in Philadelphia. Also available for purchase from the PFP store.

October 5, 2002: Grants workshop. Interested in applying for a grant to teach or perform traditional arts? Call us to register for our fall grants workshop for Philadelphia-area traditional artists and grassroots agencies. Learn where to go for funding, how to describe your project (or art) in a proposal, how to budget and more, in a hands-on workshop. October 5, 2002, 10 AM to 3 PM at the PFP office, 750 South 50th Street. $15 includes materials and lunch. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: 215.726.1106.

December 7, 2002: Philadelphia Folklore Project, Gadangme Association and ODUNDE announce Philly Dance Africa

Times: 5:30 PM Dinner/reception
7 PM Discussion with scholars and Ga leaders
8 PM Ceremony and performances
Place: International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Tickets: $15 for discussion and performance only ($11 for PFP members)
$50 for entire evening, including dinner/reception ($37 for PFP members)

About tickets (12/6/02 update): Due to the extremely limited number of tickets still available, we have discontinued online sales. We currently expect that some tickets will be sold at the door on the night of the event, 12/7, on a first-come first-served basis. Please call our office (215.726.1106) for further information.

About the event: This year's very special Philly Dance Africa promises powerful dance and music from noted Philadelphia African American and African immigrant artists: Kulu Mele African Dance Ensemble, Liberian National Cultural Ambassadors, Lisanga Ya Bana Kin, Moisture, and special guests. This year’s program features a traditional Ghanaian “outdooring” ceremony, a Ga ritual done to publicly announce and celebrate someone’s change of status. The evening celebrates the first honorary titles (“enstoolments”) ever granted by the Ga people (originally of Accra, Ghana). The “outdooring” ceremony honors the founder (Christine Wiggins) and an elder (Alonzo Matthews) of Imhotep Institute, which offers African-based culture and education to young people in the African American community. A special recognition award, enabling her to make a first trip to Ghana, will be given to Ms. Ione Nash, at 70+, one of the city’s cultural treasures and an African dance pioneer. A festive meal and reception begins at 5:30 PM and is followed by a pre-performance discussion at 7 PM with guest scholars. The outdooring and performances begin at 8:00 PM. We hope to see you there! (Read more about Philly Dance Africa 2002 in a recent press release).

The 27th issue of our magazine Works in Progress (WIP 16:1/2) was just released! A special "Dance Happens Here" issue on vernacular, folk and traditional dance in Philadelphia, this WIP was edited by Toni Shapiro-Phim, and features articles and interviews dealing with Liberian dance, flamenco, ritual procession, puppet pageants and more. Available by subscription ($25/year membership) or through our store.

February 4, 11 & 18, 2003: Open office hours: Hands-on feedback and work sessions. Use PFP computers, copy your video or audio work samples, or have PFP staff review your written materials. Agood way to build your skills and to move forward with grant applications for upcoming deadlines.
1:00 - 7:00 PM
PFP office
735 South 50th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
FREE but RSVPS requested.

March 30, 2003: Women's Music Project Concert: a special afternoon celebration of Cambodian folk music, Ghanaian percussion, and Eastern European Jewish klezmer.
Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 2:00 PM
at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts,
Broad and Fitzwater Streets, Philadelphia
Tickets FREE but please call 215.726.1106 to reserve a space.

April 3, 2003: Calling all Artists and Cultural Workers Who Are Against The War!
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA
A meeting to discuss how artists and members of arts and cultural communities can work for peace, and contribute to regional anti-war efforts. What are artists and cultural workers doing-- here and elsewhere-- to work against the war? Share what you know, hear what is happening, and consider what we can do. For more information, email us. Sponsored by the PFP and the Painted Bride.

April 8, 2003: Workshop: A technical assistance workshop that can help artists learn how to develop work samples (slides, videos, audio), resumes, artist statements and other basic materials needed for grant applications. 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
PFP office
735 South 50th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
FREE, but RSVP please

June 3, 2003: Workshop: A technical assistance workshop focusing on upcoming grant deadlines.
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
PFP office
735 South 50th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
FREE, but RSVP please

Leendavy rehearsingJune 7, 2003: Women's Music Project Family Concert
Indre Studio
1418 S. Darien Street (Between 8th and 9th, off Reed)
2 PM
Free, but call for reservations

The Women's Music Project will feature three distinctive musicians (and their students and friends!) Philadelphia-born Nana Korantemaa Ayeboafo was one of the first of her generation to reclaim African percussion traditions, and has become deeply engaged in Akan rhythms and culture. Cambodian-born Leendavy Koung has been playing traditional Khmer music for festivals and community occasions since she was young. Susan Watts is a fourth generation klezmer, and the trumpet-playing daughter of klezmer drummer Elaine Watts. For the past year and a half, these extraordinary musicians have been part of a special Philadelphia Folklore Project residency program, teaching young people, and developing their own work. Read more.

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