Look forward and carry on the past

video excerpts"Look forward and carry on the past': stories from Philadelphia's Chinatown" is PFP's new documentary video, broadcast this fall (September 23rd at 9 PM and September 28th at 10 PM) on WYBE-TV, Channel 35 in Philadelphia.

"Look forward" is the result of a collaboration between Asian Americans United, the Philadelphia Folklore Project, and filmmaker Barry Dornfeld. "Look forward" is a half-hour documentary about Philadelphia’s Chinatown, illustrating the strength and complexity of this neighborhood. The video attends to the role of folk arts and community cultural expression in the community’s continuing struggles for respect and survival. Touching on community efforts to stop a stadium from being built in the neighborhood (one of many fights over land grabs and “development”), and on other occasions when the community comes together (including Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year), the documentary attends to the everyday interactions, relationships, and labor— so often overlooked— that build and defend endangered communities.

Featured artists and speakers include Sifu Shu Pui Cheung, Lai Har Cheung, Lan Fong Lo, Derek Sam, Andy Zeng, with performances by Anna Chan, Asian Americans United Cultural Dance Troupe, Oliver Nie, the Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society, and the Philadelphia Chinese Senior Citizen Tai Chi group, and others.

The documentary is directed by Debbie Wei, Barry Dornfeld, and Debora Kodish, with assistance from Ming Chau, Linda Chung, Anh Ha, and James Yoo.

Activist and Educator Debbie Wei is Asian/Pacific American Curriculum Specialist at the School District of Philadelphia and was a co-founder of Asian Americans United. Barry Dornfeld is Director of the Communications Program at the University of the Arts, and a documentary filmmaker. Folklorist Debora Kodish is Director of the Philadelphia Folklore Project. This project occurs with the support of the Office of Curriculum Support of the School District of Philadelphia, the Rockefeller Foundation, the University of the Arts, and WYBE.

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VHS: 0-9644937-7-2
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