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WalkingWalking on solid ground. By Shu Pui Cheung, Shuyuan Li, Aaron Chau and Deborah Wei. Photos by Ming Chau and others. A Chinese-English bilingual color-illustrated book, this lovely children's book work offers inside perspectives on Philadelphia’s Chinatown, sharing the experiences of three Chinatown community members. The stories and advice offered by three artists - a master kung fu teacher, a 4th generation Beijing opera artist, and their student - give personal glimpses into how individuals work together to preserve both community and traditions at the heart of local culture. (grades 3-7) 2004. 64 pp. ISBN: 09644937-4-8. $12.95 A curriculum guide is under development. Buy online.

book coverIn my heart I am a dancer. By Chamroeun Yin Edited by Deborah Wei and Debora Kodish. Photos by René Marquez. A children's book about a Khmer classical dancer, mask-maker, gardener, friend and neighbor that shows many sides of this Cambodian man, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, who has followed his heart and his dream. The book, in a simple and straightforward way, punctures stereotypes. (grades K-4) 1996. 32 pp. full color, photographs. ISBN: 0-9644937-2-1. $12.95 (We also have published a teachers' guide to this book, available for $6 in hard copy format, also posted on this site). Buy online.

book coverThe Giant Never Wins: Cambodian Lakhon Bassac (folk opera) in Philadelphia. Stories by Koung Peang and Pun Nhiv. Essays by William Westerman with Prolung Khan Ngin. Translations by Leendavy Koung, Chiny Ky, Prolung Ngin and Debora Kodish. Edited by Debora Kodish. Eight stories (in Khmer and English) recounting the plots of lakhon bassac, a lively and entertaining folk drama tradition. Essays explain the background, history and art of lakhon bassac, Cambodian folk opera, as practiced and remembered by Cambodians who now live in Philadelphia. Based on three years of fieldwork in Philadelphia. 1995. 160+ pp. photos, glossary. ISBN: 0-9644937-1-3. $12.95 Buy online.

book coverUses of Tradition: Arts of Italian Americans in Philadelphia. By Dorothy Noyes. Foreword by Richard N. Juliani. Describes some of the folk arts that Italian craftspeople brought to Philadelphia, and how they changed the face and feel of the city with stone carving, wood carving, stained glass, plaster work, innovations in mummers' costumes, palm weaving and other significant traditions. 1989. Illustrated. 80 pp. $12.95

book coverODUNDE presents "From Hucklebuck to Hip Hop." Social Dance in the African American Community in Philadelphia. By John W. Roberts. An ODUNDE project. Based on interviews with African American dancers from Philadelphia, this book explores the dances, settings, style and significance of social dance, literally from hucklebuck in the 1940s to hip hop in the 1990s. 1995. Illustrated. 123 pp. $12.95

Lithuanian Wedding Celebration Songs. From the memory of Bronius Krokys. Edited by Joseph Kasinskas. Introduction by Debora Kodish. A project of the Lithuanian Folksong Quartet. Forty-one songs traditional to Lithuanian weddings, as remembered by Bronius Krokys, with a introduction about Mr. Krokys and this folksong tradition. Songs are presented in Lithuanian with English translations and musical transcriptions. 47 pp. Illustrated. 1994. $12.95

Chol Chhnam: Cambodian New Year's Celebrations in Philadelphia (1979-1993). Compiled by Leendavy Koung with the assistance of Wutha Chin. A project of the SEAMAAC and the Cambodian Association. 1993. 30 pp. illustrated. $6

Working Papers (All working papers are $4)

#1. The Satisfactions of Reproduction: A Baroque Painter in Italian Philadelphia. By Dorothy Noyes. 1989. 11 pp. OUT OF PRINT

#2. "There are Other Ways to Get Happy:" African American Urban Folklore. By Jerrilyn McGregory. 1989. 10 pp. OUT OF PRINT

#3. "It's Just Like Being at Home": The Structure and Style of Folklore in Philadelphia's Family Businesses. By James Abrams. 1989 14 pp. OUT OF PRINT

#6. Taking Time and Proceeding With Caution: Time and Process in a Cambodian Life History Documentation Project. By William Westerman. 1991. 16 pp.

#7. Multicultural Views: Traditional gardens, palm-weaving, Khmer arts, and mummery. Essays on four types of local folklife, with transcripts of video soundtracks, introductions, suggestions for further reading and an introduction commenting on multiculturalism and folklore. 1992. 25 pp.

#8. "He Says You're Going to Play the Giant:" Ethnographic Perspectives on a Cambodian Arts Class in Philadelphia. By William Westerman. 1994. 43 pp.

#9. Cultural Barriers to Justice in Greater Philadelphia: Background, Bias and the Law. By William Westerman. 1994. 68 pp. (Downloadable pdf).

#10. African Diaspora Movement Arts in Philadelphia: A Beginning Resource List. By Binta Brown-Danquah. 1994. 33 pp.