Lisanga Ya Bana Kin

Lisanga Ya Bana Kin (formerly known as Eteko Bonyoma) is a group of professional folkloric dancers, drummers, and singers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). All five members grew up learning traditional dance and music from family members and have been performing at home and abroad for more than 20 years.

Lisanga Ya Bana Kin teaches and performs dances from many of Congo's 200-plus ethnic groups. Bokulaka (Bofenda Ilonga) specializes in Mongo music from the Equateur region. Kabamba (Nyanga Kabeya) specializes in dances from Bandundu and Shaba; Kingambo (Mufulu K. Gilonda, b. 1950) in Pende dances from Bandundu. Bofuki-Nkoy Jean-Pierre and Basele-Ekila Antoinette bring expertise from their dual heritages in Kasai Oriental and Equateur. Kabamba and Kingambo have lived in Philadelphia since 1990, while the others arrived in 1996, all as part of touring dance troupes.

As a group, Lisanga Ya Bana Kin has been part of nationally known Kinshasa-based folkloric troupes such as Sambole Lisano and Salongo Bonganga, as well as international touring groups such as the National Ballet of Zaire, Magic Dances of Zaire, and Kiti Na Mesa. In the United States, members have appeared on stage, in schools, and in community centers in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, Florida, and, most recently, Philadelphia, where the group now resides. Their presence here promises to enrich the local African dance and drum scene with styles that are not well known outside central Africa. Lisanga Ya Bana Kin has performed with the Philadelphia Folklore Project's "Philly Dance Africa" and as part of our Folk Arts and Multicultural Education Residency program.

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