Blamoh Doe

Blamoh Doe began drumming at the age of five, in his home in Liberia. He received his dance training at Keneja, Liberia, home of the Liberian National Cultural Center, where he studied with master drummer Dorma Nyeda, learning music and dances of Liberia’s sixteen ethnic groups. Mr. Doe came to America as part of a post-war reconciliation tour with a group called Liberia Cry for Peace. He joins many former Liberian dancers who have settled in various cities in America and is frequently called upon to perform across the nation. He is now training a battery of local drummers in Liberian styles and rhythms. His company, Liberian National Cultural Ambassadors, includes Fernon Flomo, Tamba Sandouno, Fatu Gayflor, Daylu Gbahtuo, Masuah Dobson, Pat Mitchell Doe and others, performing dances of the Kissi, Vai, and Kpelle peoples of Liberia. With PFP, he has participated as a percussionist in past Philly Dance African projects, in the 2007 African Song / New Contexts performances of Fatu Gayflor, and as accompanist for Gayflor's Liberian music classes at the Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School.