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These are times when it is very easy to ignore experiences and realities that are different from the mainstream. We very much hope that you will join with us in our effort to build a safety net for community-based arts and culture in our region. The work that we do depends upon investments by people like you. Please consider a contribution to the Philadelphia Folklore Project, volunteer, or consider advertising with us. Memberships can also be purchased online.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
Thanks for your interest in volunteering or interning with the Folklore Project. PFP aims to provide internship and volunteer opportunities in which interns gain skills and experiences, while advancing public interest folklife work locally. We take interns and volunteers on carefully, and "customize" the experience. As well, we try not to take on more interns and volunteers than our small staff can support!

If you are interested in a volunteer or intern relationship with PFP, we ask that you write us (email is fine, to detailing the following: 1) your background, training and experience; 2) your learning goals or interests for an internship with PFP, if you know this in any way; and 3) your time schedule and availability (how many days/week and hours/day; start and end time). As well, we appreciate receipt of a resume to help us better understand your background and skills. There are no deadlines: we accept interns and volunteers on a rolling basis. (Note that generally we do not have the resources to pay volunteers/interns, with the exception of occasional summer internships for graduate students, funded by a local grantmaker. When available, these Fels internships are described here).

In general, an internship at PFP requires that you be respectful of diverse peoples, and interested in building a sensitivity to the politics of power and privilege. PFP especially appreciates interns fluent in languages other than English, and/or who bring computer skills, or experience with ethnographic research and/or community-based projects. We welcome your interest. The following list provides a sampling of areas where volunteers and interns have contributed and/or have been needed recently:

Menu of Internship Areas

  • Documentation: Video/Audio/Photography
    • Folk Arts and Cultural Treasures School (FACTS): video documentation of artist classes
    • Documentation of artist's work (photographing artifacts/ videotaping performances)
    • FACTS after-school folk arts program: video documentation
    • Community festivals: documentation of local festivals and events
    • Video documentary: production assistance
  • Archive
    • Scan and log items from archive (slides, photos, negatives) for web-based exhibitions and for preservation
    • Dub audio- and videotapes to digital format
    • Accession items into the archive
    • Organize and stabilize PFP storage areas/materials: basement, shelves, etc.
    • Database consulting (Filemaker)
  • Digital Divide / Information Technology
    • Training for artists (and staff) on particular programs (including hands-on help to artists)
    • Technological support/coaching
  • Publication Distribution and Sales
    • Assist with distribution to local independent bookstores and schools, and through regional and national interest groups (Chinese language and cultural schools, organizations dealing with Chinese and Cambodian adoptive families, African American women's groups, grassroots groups)
    • Develop sales agreements
    • Brainstorm and implement special (wholesale?) offers, etc.
  • Education and Curriculum
    • Find/create accessible materials on local folk arts
    • Create young persons' versions of key Works in Progress articles
    • Develop lesson plans with PFP publications as resources
  • Individual Artists: Technical Assistance
    • Documentation; assist with grant proposals: help in shaping a project plan, budget, narrative
    • Gather and/or create support materials
    • Online or hard copy submission
  • Press, Marketing and Community Outreach
    • Develop and update mailing and press lists
    • Distribute printed promotional material: ID community centers, churches, contacts
    • Help with mailings
    • Proof press releases, email blasts on listserves
    • Introduce PFP around your neighborhood (info to bookstores, elsewhere)
  • Website
    • Update current web exhibitions
    • Identify and scan images
    • Confirm permissions and develop concordances
    • Crawford's Dining Room into virtual exhibition
    • Website proofing for typos, copyediting
  • Exhibitions and Performances
    • Assisting in installation and preparation
    • Production team leader
    • Artist support
  • On Site Event Assistance
    • As receptionist/host, assist with set-up, attendance, mailing list
    • Staff Gallery/Program hours (on a regular basis)
    • Docent/Tours for Crawford Dining Room, other exhibits
  • Facilities
    • Carpentry: doors, signs, fences, house painting, doorbells, etc.
    • Troubleshoot systems
    • Garden: design, work, backyard slate/sitting area
  • General Support
    • Help with membership campaign
    • Buttons and magnets of PFP artists (from archive)
    • Other